3 (त्रिमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [3 Mukhi Rudraksha]

वस्तुनाम [Item Name]                - 3 (त्रिमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [3 Mukhi Rudraksha]

देवता [Presiding Deity]               - अग्निः [Agni Devah]

सम्बन्धी ग्रहः [Ruling Planet]      - मङ्गलग्रहः [Mars]

बीजमन्त्रः [Beeja Mantra]            - ओं क्लीं नमः [Om Kleem Namah]

सामान्य प्रयोजनानि [General Benefits] - Three Mukhi is believed to make the wearer fearless, courageous and enhances self-esteem. It helps in subduing the negative effects of Mars. It is said to be good for children who are prone to accidents and sickness. A single three mukhi Rudraksha in a red silk thread is beneficial for them.

आध्यात्मिक प्रयोजनानि [Spiritual Benefits] - Anything thrown into fire gets destroyed. Thus the wearer of this Rudraksha is freed from sins, karmic debts and past life memories as per sacred texts. It is ideal for people who wish to break free from inferiority complexes, fear, guilt, depression, anxiety and weakness. The wearer of this Rudraksha lives life in a free and optimistic way.

आरोग्य प्रयोजनानि [Health Benefits] - It is said to be effective for people suffering from anemic conditions. It is good for boosting your energy levels, overcoming laziness and improves blood circulation. This is in Rudralife’s trade mark combination “Swasthya Bandh” which is very widely sought after.

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3 (त्रिमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [3 Mukhi Rudraksha]

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मूलसामग्री [Material] रुद्राक्षः [Rudraksha]
वस्तुनाम [Product Type] 3 (त्रिमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [3 Mukhi Rudraksha]
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Tags: 3 (त्रिमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [3 Mukhi Rudraksha], अग्निः [Agni Devah], मङ्गलग्रहः [Mars], ओं क्लीं नमः [Om Kleem Namah]

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