7 (सप्तमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [7 Mukhi Rudraksha]

वस्तुनाम [Item Name]                - 7 (सप्तमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [7 Mukhi Rudraksha]

देवता [Presiding Deity]             - महालक्ष्मी [Mahalakshmi]

सम्बन्धी ग्रहः [Ruling Planet]       - शनिः [Saturn]

बीजमन्त्रः [Beeja Mantra]           - ओं हुं नमः [Om Hum Namah]

सामान्य प्रयोजनानि [General Benefits] - This divine bead nullifies the negative impact of Saturn. Wearers of the 7 Mukhi experience an upward trend in gaining income with finances stabilizing. Two beads of the 7 Mukhi can be placed in the safe, purse or the cashbox to attract more financial income. Delays caused by Shani are controlled.

आध्यात्मिक प्रयोजनानि [Spiritual Benefits] - That Manipura / Solar plexus Chakra is associated with personal power. The 7 mukhi effectively energizes this Chakra. Thus desire, internal strength, enhanced emotional instinct and strong gut feeling are experienced by the wearer.

आरोग्य प्रयोजनानि [Health Benefits] - This Rudraksha ensures that health and wealth both are experienced simultaneously by the wearer. Ailments causing painful physical condition as a result of ill placed Saturn are kept in check offering relief to the wearer. Thus it is beneficial for the neck, nerves, lower back and kidneys. 32 beads of the 7 Mukhi are strung to form a Kantha. Wearing this is considered in texts to be a powerful tool for recovering from paralytic attacks. It gives divine energy to affected limbs while helping the wearer gain control over the afflicted limbs.

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7 (सप्तमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [7 Mukhi Rudraksha]

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मूलसामग्री [Material] रुद्राक्षः [Rudraksha]
वस्तुनाम [Product Type] 7 (सप्तमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [7 Mukhi Rudraksha]
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Tags: 7 (सप्तमुखी) रुद्राक्षः [7 Mukhi Rudraksha], महालक्ष्मी [Mahalakshmi], शनिः [Saturn], ओं हुं नमः [Om Hum Namah]

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