6 (षण्मुखी) रुद्राक्षः [6 Mukhi Rudraksha]

वस्तुनाम [Item Name]                - 6 (षण्मुखी) रुद्राक्षः [6 Mukhi Rudraksha]

देवता [Presiding Deity]               - कार्तिकेयः [Lord Karthikeya]

सम्बन्धी ग्रहः [Ruling Planet]      - शुक्रः [Venus]

बीजमन्त्रः [Beeja Mantra]            - ओं ह्रीं हुं नमः [Om Hreem Hum Namah]

सामान्य प्रयोजनानि [General Benefits] - It is said to be good for the intellect and it aids in improving ones communication skills. When invoked, it is believed to bless the wearer with wisdom, increased intelligence, will power and a steady mind. It said to improve artistic qualities, expression and oratory skills. It is believed to be good for teachers, executives, journalists and those who want to improve their communication and marketing skills. The wearer of this Rudraksha is free from emotional trauma and learns to live and appreciate life without wallowing in grief or self-pity. The wearer is said to achieve dynamic energy, love, beauty and harmony with learning, wisdom and knowledge. Thus the wearer will have a better understanding of love, music and personal relationships.

आध्यात्मिक प्रयोजनानि [Spiritual Benefits] - Ancient texts say that wearing a six mukhi energizes the Svadhisthana Chakra (the sacral chakra) to improve vitality and clear any obstructive energy.

आरोग्य प्रयोजनानि [Health Benefits] - It helps in keeping diabetes and thyroid under check. It is believed to be good for the reproductive organs and strengthens the prostate glands in the males. It helps in mitigating gynecological issues in women.  It is found useful in strengthening the functions of nerves and muscles.

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6 (षण्मुखी) रुद्राक्षः [6 Mukhi Rudraksha]

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मूलसामग्री [Material] रुद्राक्षः [Rudraksha]
वस्तुनाम [Product Type] 6 (षण्मुखी) रुद्राक्षः [6 Mukhi Rudraksha]
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Tags: 6 (षण्मुखी) रुद्राक्षः [6 Mukhi Rudraksha], कार्तिकेयः [Lord Karthikeya], शुक्रः [Venus], ओं ह्रीं हुं नमः [Om Hreem Hum Namah]

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